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Bank and Bug Update

Sunday, August 30th, 2009

Here’s some news from August 29th:

“Good news everyone! The bug with the minigame (free players not being able to advance after the minigame) has been fixed. You should be able to finish it up properly now. Bank and Inventory Issues: 1. Some people have been posting about losing bag slots. What is happening is this – empty bag slots are no longer visible. Say you have 40 slots purchased, but items in 35 of them. You’ll only see those 35. You haven’t lost the other 5 – you can add items to them as necessary. 2. People are putting in AC items and are unable to find them in the bank. As you can see below, the bank now has 2 tabs. Click on the AC symbol to see your AC items.”

The bank update looks very promising!