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What is AdventureQuest Worlds?

Saturday, August 15th, 2009

AdventureQuest Worlds, or AQ Worlds (also known as AQW) is a web browser MMORPG (massively multiplayer online role-playing game) created and maintained by Artix Entertainment.

A unique part of AQ Worlds, is that it was programmed and developed completely in Adobe Flash. This allows it to be somewhat “faster” for everyone regardless of how slow people’s computers are.

AdventureQuest Worlds game-play is similar to many other RPGs. You roam around fighting various monsters and doing quests for rewards. Unfortunately, there are no player versus player (PvP, often referred to as player killing) battles. is confident and hopeful that there will be PvP later on.

AQW has a different type of combat system than the normal MMO. This system uses two types of attacks: “auto attacks” and “skills”. Auto attacks are continuous, repeatitive attacks that deal damage at an averaged rate. Skills are special attacks that inflict damage in a special way and/or apply a special effect. Skills nearly always take up Mana Points. The higher your rank level is, the more skills you can acquire.

AQ Worlds provides hundreds of quests that players may actively engage in to obtain rewards such as gold or Experience Points. AQW also has a daily quest that players may participate in.

AQW Gear (weapons, helms, cloaks, armors, classes, and member-only pets) can be found in shops, as quest rewards, from killing certain monsters. Most helms, cloaks, armors, and pets do not do anything to aid you in battle – they’re simply there for looks.

AQ Worlds has multiple classes that players may unlock, by performing a certain quest and/or buying them. Different classes have different skills and weapons.

AdventureQuest Worlds has over 9,000,000 (9 million accounts) and counting every day.